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DoubleTime's Liberty

In Memorium

DOB: 7/30/2002
O: Linda Jurasek and Catherine Gregory


Linda Jurasek wrote:

“Princess” Liberty is certainly the most sensitive, loving, saluki I’ve ever had the pleasure of sharing my home with. Libby talks, whines, and sings for whatever she is feeling at the time. She plays frisbee and actually catches it. She loves to catch and eat peanuts and frozen peas. She cleans the dishes in the dishwasher like her sister Glory, and has the same full figure of her littermate that also doesn’t seem to bother her daily match racing outside with her 2 other canine housemates! She nursed and raised a young Siamese kitten, Sid, who is probably now her best friend, but terrorizes the other cats by running them around the house and yard. If they just wouldn’t run…..they look so much like rabbits!
She will not have a show career because of our lifestyle choice, not because of her lack of beauty and great confirmation. She is certainly a champion to us. But one day, you might see her in the field?????


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